About Us

Improving Lives Through Learning

Dupleix Institute is a BEE level 1 specialised and international consulting firm that offers financial advisory, risk management and strategy expertise to financial institutions and governments in Africa. Our success emanates from the outstanding capabilities of our consultants who are recognised as experts in their respective fields; our close relationships with a select global network of respected academic and industry experts, our deep knowledge of and passion for Africa and from a corporate philosophy that emphasises interdisciplinary collaboration and responsive service.

Dupleix Institute is also the leading accredited company specialising in the delivery of customised, research-based and inspiring training programs. The practical training programs offered by the Institute assist clients to address real world challenges and position themselves for the future.

The company was founded in February 2012 and currently operates from Randpark Ridge in Johannesburg, South Africa with offices in Gaborone and Lusaka.

Our value proposition

Dupleix Institute is different from consulting and training companies. Some of the traits that distinguish us from our competitors are as follows

Investment (ROI)

We know the key success factors to a consulting and training intervention that will yield a high Return on Investment (ROI) to our clients. We invest time to understanding the particular circumstances at our clients and will implement customised interventions.

Customised Tools

Dupleix Institute is able to provide customised tools and systems for our clients in the areas of Risk Management, Strategy Consulting and Financial Advisory. Some of our widely known tools are stress testing and budgeting and forecasting models.

Unique value proposition

Dupleix Institute is able to offer both consulting and training offerings in one company as part of a value proposition. Our training is geared towards assisting our clients to execute on their strategies.

Above all, we are proud to be African and are passionate about doing business in Africa. We have invested time and effort in learning about Africa. Our people are smart, polite and thorough. We firmly believe that each individual has a purpose and should leave a legacy on earth. This is the belief that drives our professionals.